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Subliminal Sex Slave

Hot blond, Jordan is out on a date when her soon-to-be master gives her an mp3 player to listen to with subliminal recordings on it. She quickly falls into a trance and is programmed to obey her date's commands. She is regressed into acting like a 5 year old and made to believe she is a body builder as well. To strengthen his control over her, her date swings a pocket watch in front of her and hypnotizes her further, while she continues to receive programming through her headphones. She loses her identity and becomes only know to herself as "woman". She is made to take her shoes and jacket off and sit in her master's car. While lifting her shirt up to expose her big tits, she watches the swinging watch and repeats erotic mantras such as, "yes master, I will suck your dick". Fans of erotic hypnosis will not be disappointed!

Full Video Details:
9 minutes, 24 seconds
Only $8.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized through subliminal programming on an mp3 player
  • Zombie walking while repeating commands
  • Lots of "yes, master's" and lines such as, "yes master, I will obey my programming"
  • Turned into a 5 year old and a body builder
  • Hypnotized deeper with a swinging watch on 2 occasions
  • Foot fetish action
  • Becomes known to herself only as "woman" and repeats lines such as "yes master, woman will obey!"
  • Commanded to expose her bare tits with her arms out, while watching the swinging watch and repeat lines such as, "woman is your sex slave, woman will suck your dick" - very erotic!

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