Girls Gone Hypnotized

Taylor Hypnotized 3

Taylor arrives at a man's home for a private massage, and gets hypnotized by him in the process. He tells her to look into a spinning light during the session, as it has a calming effect, but the lights put Taylor into a trance and under his complete control. Soon after, Taylor is entirely naked and obeying his every command.

Full Video Details:
18 minutes, 58 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Entranced by a hypnotic lights
  • Must answer "yes master" when given a command
  • Lays in a trance while she repeats back her programming
  • Made to roll onto her back and remove her underwear
  • Naked body is felt up while mindless
  • Put to sleep on the massage table
  • Made to act like a chicken
  • Stands entranced and repeats mantras while her master feels her up
  • Made to act like a dog
  • Stands posed as a sleepwalker and repeats her mantra
  • Made to act like a cat
  • Made to lay on the table; naked body is fondled and played with
  • Made to focus on the hypnotic lights again; her memories of being hypnotize are wiped from her mind
  • Wakes up feeling good and not remembering what just took place
  • Full nude
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