Girls Gone Hypnotized

The Courtship

This video was created as a custom for an individual.  As such, the video has a slight personal tone to it.

Victoria is a hot girl that has been leading Scott on and using him for free gifts.  When Scott shows up at her door to take her on a date one evening, Victoria decides she's had enough of him and rudely tells him to leave.  Scott cannot simply take "no" for an answer and hypnotizes the pretty girl into becoming his slave.  She mindlessly obeys him without question.  Scott gets his revenge by making her perform some humiliating tasks before giving her a new personality entirely.

Full Video Details:
16 minutes, 09 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a spinning-light device (2)
  • Swinging watch induction
  • Lots of "yes, master" talk and mantras repeated
  • Lots of sleepwalking/zombiewalking scenes
  • Made to think she is a turkey
  • Made to think she is a dog and play fetch
  • Snapped awake and re-hypnotized
  • Personality change - begs to be forgiven
  • Hair stroked as she repeats mantras
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