Girls Gone Hypnotized

To Trap a Superhero

Superhero, Robin (aka Victoria), receives some valuable intel regarding the whereabouts of the villainous Creeper, who is suspected of kidnapping helpless, young women in the city. Tired of being just a sidekick, Robin decides not to involve Batgirl and go this mission alone - a choice that soon proves to spell doom for Robin. Little does she know that she's walked right into a trap. The Creeper plans on hypnotizing and brainwashing Robin, and turning her into one of his obedient soldiers. With Robin under his command, he will now be able to finally ensnare the Batgirl!

Full Video Details:
21 minutes, 02 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized and brainwashed using a double spinning-spiral pattern and an electronic voice
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep
  • Sleepwalking / zombie-walking scene
  • Lots of programmed mantras repeated
  • Made to salute her master and pledge her allegiance to him
  • Made to train to defeat Batgirl. (Striking drills, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, toe raises, biking, leg raises)
  • Shown a pocket watch and told that it will put her back into trance at any time
  • Made to reveal her true identity to her master
  • Triggered back into trance from her phone while sitting in her car
  • Barefoot
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