Girls Gone Hypnotized

Transformation Booth 2

Victoria thinks that she is showing up to her first ever photoshoot, and that she may even be published in a magazine. In reality, Victoria is an unwitting guinea pig in an experiment with a Transformation Booth. The booth has the ability to transform not only a person's appearance, but their entire identity. Victoria is tricked inside the booth and transformed into six different identities, each with a different name and personality.

Full Video Details:
21 minutes, 01 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Appearance and behavior modified in the "Transformation Booth"
  • Stands at attention inside the booth after each transformation
  • Each transformation includes a new appearance and personality
  • Personality 1 - rude and bitch
  • Personality 2 - extreme paranoia
  • Personality 3 - excessive happiness
  • Personality 4 - deep depression
  • Personality 5 - stupid and ignorant
  • Personality 6 - sexy and flirty
  • No nudity
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