Girls Gone Hypnotized


Victoria hires a hypnotist to help cure her nasty habit of smoking, but once he has her under, the hypnotist installs some fun little triggers into Victoria's mind. She receives triggers that make her go blank and obedient, sleepwalk while chanting mantras, and become a frozen mannequin. The hypnotist uses these triggers on her over and over again without her knowing what's happening. At first Victoria doesn't believe that the hypnosis has even worked on her, but as the afternoon progresses, it becomes apparent to her that the hypnotist has been taking advantage of her while she was under his influence.

Full Video Details:
16 minutes, 14 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch
  • Repeats her commands in a sleepy voice
  • Trained to refer to the hypnotist as "master"
  • Triggered to go into an obedient trance each time her foot is touched
  • Triggered to sleepwalk while chanting a mantras when her forehead is touched
  • Triggered to become a pose-able mannequin when her hand is touched
  • Woken up repeatedly so that her triggers can be used over and over
  • Made to change into a sexier outfit
  • Becomes increasingly more angry when it becomes apparent that the hypnotist is taking advantage of her
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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