Girls Gone Hypnotized

Trisha & Natalie Hypnotized

This video includes 3 clips in 1!

The first clip features new girl, Trisha, being hypnotized while out at the park.  She is placed into a trance and turned into a slave.  Under her master's control, she is ordered to crawl on the ground as a cat, reveal her bare feet, play on the swings and big toy as a child, and kneel before her master while repeating mantras.  Plenty of erotic sex talk and sleepwalking scenes also help make this an exciting clip for all hypno fans. This segment runs nearly 14 minutes in length.

The second clip brings back popular GGH model, Natalie, in a segment titled, Entranced by the Hypno Ring 2.  Natalie is given a ring with special powers that allow anyone to control it's wearer while the ring is activated.  Of course, Natalie has no idea she's about to become her husband's obedient servant.  When she's under his control, she must perform tasks such as cleaning and vacuuming while taking breaks to let her master undress her and caress her naked, hypnotized body.  Natalie is confused each time she is brought out of her trance, thinking that perhaps she's been sleepwalking or been drugged.  This segment sees Natalie come in and out of her trance 5 different times and ends with a nice simulated sex scene (no male nudity or real sex takes place).  This clip runs nearly 16 minutes long.

The third and final clip is called, Natalie Hypnotized.  In this 7 minute clip, Natalie is hypnotized using a swinging pocket watch while wearing a very sexy white skirt and black top.  As she slips under hypnosis, she begins to repeat mantras and commands along with plenty of "yes, masters".  She is ordered to allow her master to play with her feet while she sits in a hypnotic daze.  Afterward, she stands up and removes her top as she drops to her knees to perform an HJ on her master while in a trance. (Sex is only simulated and no male nudity is shown)

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Full Download Details:
37 minutes, 03 seconds
Only $14.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Multiple swinging watch inductions while repeating mantras (both girls)
  • Multiple zombie/sleepwalking scenes while repeating mantras (both girls)
  • Many "yes, masters" and other erotic mantras (both girls)
  • Foot fetish scenes - walking barefoot and foot rubbing (both girls)
  • Becomes a cat (Trisha)
  • Becomes a child (Trisha)
  • Erotic sex talk (Trisha)
  • Kneeling and worship (Trisha)
  • Becomes a maid (Natalie)
  • Entranced by magic ring, robotic behavior (Natalie)
  • Brought in and out of trance (both girls)
  • Full nude (Natalie)
  • 2 simulated sex scenes (Natalie)
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WMV Format
720 x 480

Total size is 596 MB
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