Girls Gone Hypnotized

Two New Robots

Victoria and Lily show up to a photo shoot, and immediately can tell something is off. The photographer is acting strange and there is no lighting equipment in the room. When the shoot begins, the girls start feeling light headed each time the camera flashes. The camera has been fitted with a hypnotic flash. Each flash makes them more and more blank, more and more empty. After a couple of minutes, both girls are completely hypnotized and ready to receive programming. Victoria is placed in a brainwashing booth and converted into a robot as Lily looks on in horror. Lily can't wake Victoria from her trance, now matter how hard she tries. Soon it's Lily's turn to become a robot, as Victoria swings a pocket watch before her eyes and programs her hypnotized mind.

Full Video Details:
19 minutes, 07 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily and Victoria are enslaved by a hypnotic camera flash
  • Both girls stand entranced repeating mantras
  • Victoria is made to tie Lily's hands together to a chair
  • Victoria is converted into a robot in a brainwashing booth
  • Victoria repeats her programming through the conversion
  • Lily tries to wake Victoria from her trance but is unable
  • Victoria walks through the room repeating her programming as Lily tries to wake her up
  • Victoria hypnotizes Lily with a pocket watch
  • Victoria converts Lily into a robot through hypnosis
  • Lily repeats her programming during conversion
  • Both girls are made to walk through the room repeating their programming
  • The girls are sent on a mission to bring back more women for conversion
  • No nudity

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