Girls Gone Hypnotized

Victoria and Amanda Hypnotized

Amanda can't stand her obnoxious roommate, Victoria. Victoria is lazy, self centered, and brings home a different guy every night. Amanda has had enough and decides to try to hypnotize her to get her revenge. She tells Victoria that she has an adorable cat video she wants her to watch on the laptop. Victoria takes the bait, and before long, the adorable cat video turns into a hypnotic, pulsing spiral. Victoria can't help but be drawn into the spiral, and soon, is completely hypnotized and underneath Amanda's control. Amanda turns Victoria into her slave, making her do her chores, pledge her obedience and even post a topless pic of herself to her social media.

When Victoria later learns that Amanda had hypnotized her and made her do these things, she turns the tables on Amanda, hypnotizing her and returning the favor. While under hypnosis, Amanda mindlessly obeys Victoria's commands, rubbing her mistress's bare feet, becoming a hypnotized sleepwalker, and posing nude for Victoria to post her images online.

When Amanda wakes up, she finds out what has happened, and has one more trick hypnotic trick to pull on Victoria.

Full Video Details:
33 minutes, 38 seconds
Only $13.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Amanda hypnotizes Victoria with a pulsing spiral on a laptop
  • Amanda programs Victoria's mind as Victoria repeats her programming in a monotone
  • Victoria is made to reply "yes mistress" when given a command
  • Victoria is made to sleepwalk through the room repeating mantras
  • Victoria kneels before Amanda and receives additional programming
  • Victoria is made to clean for her mistress
  • Victoria is made to flash her breasts as Amanda posts the pictures on social media (no nudity shown)
  • Victoria is ordered to worship her mistress
  • Victoria is put into a hypnotic sleep
  • Victoria hypnotizes Amanda with a pulsing spiral on a laptop
  • Victoria programs Amanda's mind as Amanda repeats her programming in a monotone
  • Amanda is made to reply "yes mistress" when given a command
  • Amanda is made to rub Victoria's bare feet as Victoria posts the video on social media
  • Amanda sleepwalks through the room repeating mantras
  • Amanda poses nude as Victoria posts the pictures to social media
  • Amanda is put into a hypnotic sleep
  • Amanda blackmails Victoria into letting her hypnotize her one last time
  • Victoria is hypnotized with a swinging pocket watch dangling from Amanda's bare foot
  • Victoria repeats her programming during induction
  • Victoria is made to call her boyfriend and tell him about all the different men she's been sleeping with
  • Both girls barefoot
  • Amanda - full nude
  • Victoria - no nudity
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