Girls Gone Hypnotized

A Job With Perks

Taylor's new job working with a stage magician comes with some perks. She's sleeping with the boss so he decides to show her one of his best tricks - hypnotism. Taylor uses it on her best friend Alexis to make her mindless and obedient. She is in awe of all the things she can make Alexis do under hypnosis. When Alexis's boyfriend comes home, Taylor sells her new slave to the boyfriend. But he realizes he would rather have two slaves, so he uses Taylor's magic trick to put her under his control as well. Both girls will obey and please him with their bodies.

Full Download Details:
20 minutes, 51 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Taylor hypnotizes Alexis with a stage hypnosis magic trick.
  • Alexis obeys Taylor while in a mindless state.
  • Alexis is made to rub Taylor's shoulders. Given mantras to repeat while rubbing her shoulders.
  • Alexis is commanded to clean the dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Alexis kneels in front of Taylor and repeats any mantra she gives her.
  • Alexis is made to take off her top and perform a sexy dance for her boyfriend and her mistress, Taylor.
  • Control of Alexis is given over to her boyfriend. She chants "my boyfriend is my master" while walking mindlessly through the room.
  • After Taylor teaches Alexis's boyfriend how to hypnotize people, he uses it to put Taylor into a trance also.
  • The girls are told to remove their bras. Their boobs are fondled while in trance.
  • Both girls sleepwalk while mindless and chanting their mantras.
  • Taylor is snap out of her trance and forced to climb on her master's lap while Alexis stands in a daze.
  • Simulated sex scene with Alexis - camera on bottom. (No real sex or male nudity)
  • Simulated sex scene with Taylor - camera on top. (No real sex or male nudity.
  • Both girls topless.
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                      Job With PerksA
                      Job With PerksA
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                      Job With PerksA
                      Job With PerksA
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                      Job With PerksA
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