Girls Gone Hypnotized

Review by Hypnomonkey13

Well… I love how in the beginning it is rather funny because she is just sitting there without a care in the world than you just wander over and take control. I really loved the dog scene and how she said “yes master” and other mantras so sexily! She does a AMAZING zombie sleepwalker pose! Better than most girls would on any site! The jumping jacks I liked as well! When she snaps out and is all confused made me laugh because of the way she says it! She’s all embarrassed! I loved this video all in all. But I would have liked a little nude or at least some topless scene where she still has a bra on. But no other complaints. If I had to give a rate I would give this video a 10 out of 10! (it would have been 9 but I just laughed so frikkin hard at the snapping out that I gave it another point)

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