Girls Gone Hypnotized

A Shift in Power

Shot as a custom

Cloe is the new boss at a game development company. She's just gotten promoted and she can't wait to fire a particularly useless employee. But as she's trying to fire him, Cloe is hypnotized with a pocket watch and transformed into a bimbo who just loves following her master's orders.

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20 minutes, 49 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch. Cloe puts up a fight, but slowly gives in to the hypnosis. She watches the watch with a smile on her face while repeating back her programming.
  • Refers to him now as "master".
  • Made to change from an office professional, into a playful bimbo. Puts on a cute workout outfit.
  • Sleepwalks with a smile chanting mantras such as "I'm just a hypnotized bimbo", "you have all the power now, master" and "I love when master plays with me".
  • Frozen, posed and played with.
  • Made to happily show off her pretty, little feet with a smile on her face. She talks about how her little feet match her little brain. Cloe has fun showing off her feet for master.
  • Put into a mindless trance and given mantras to focus on.
  • Snapped awake into her bimbo personality. Dances and bounces around. Cloe tells her master that she is turned on that he was able to hypnotize her and take control of her.
  • Starts waking up out of her trance while she is flirting with her master.
  • Cloe holds up the watch, angry at being taken advantage of, and tells him to get out of her sight. She accidentally slips back into trance while looking at the pocket watch she is holding. A smile comes to her face and she is again ready to obey.
  • Cloe is commanded to send naughty, inappropriate selfies to the CEO of the company.
  • After she sends her selfies through the company, Cloe suddenly goes into a trance and stumbles out of the office.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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