Girls Gone Hypnotized

A Spell of Servitude

Nathalia has taken on the role of the dominant one in her relationship with her boyfriend. She is overly dominant and it has largely worked, but now he wants to change up the dynamic for his amusement. Anytime he rings a bell with magic properties, Nathalia immediately acts out the desired effect, and has no awareness of what she has done after being returned to her normal state of mind. She is put into a mindless, submissive, hypnotic state over and over.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Nathalia is mind controlled by a magic bell. The bell rings and the desired effect is immediately imposed on Nathalia.
  • Drops to her knees and chants a mantra while worshiping her boyfriend.
  • Crawls on all fours and worships her master.
  • Commanded to turn around and pull up her dress, exposing her panties. Sits on her heels and dances so that her butt and soles of feet can be observed.
  • Turned into a sleepwalking zombie. Nathalia mindlessly chants erotic phrases as she stumbles through the room.
  • Turned into a mindless stripper. Nathalia chants mantras while dancing in her panties.
  • Walks like a zombie and chants mantras in her panties.
  • Kneels at her master's feet and begs to be controlled.
  • Between commands, Nathalia is returned to her normal state of mind often, just to witness her confusion and anger.
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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A Spell of ServitudeA Spell of ServitudeA Spell of ServitudeA Spell of ServitudeA Spell of ServitudeA Spell of ServitudeA Spell of Servitude

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