Girls Gone Hypnotized

After Effects

Jessica went to a comedy hypnosis show with her husband the night before, though she didn't find it very comedic. Even a day later, she is still complaining about how lame it was, and that she was pretending to be hypnotized when she was called on stage. But her husband knows this isn't the case, and he tricks her into saying her own trigger word. Jessica triggers herself into a hypnotic trance and does whatever her husband tells her. She is made to call him "master" and acknowledge herself as his sex slave. Jessica is forced to put on a sexy dance for her master while still remaining in trance. Every time she is woken up, Jessica is tricked into triggering herself back into hypnosis.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jessica is complaining about the "lame" hypnosis show she was part of the night before, when she triggers herself back into a trance by saying her trigger word.
  • Her husband humbles her by making her call him "master" and perform a sexy dance in her underwear. She repeats erotic phrases while dancing.
  • Her husband snaps her out of trance and she begins complaining again after a moment of confusion.
  • Jessica is tricked into using her trigger word on herself again, and goes back into a trance. She takes off her bra and continues dancing for her master.
  • Jessica is snapped out of trance again. She is confused and angry, but still denies that she was ever really hypnotized.
  • Jessica accidentally triggers herself back into a trance and is commanded to sleepwalk through the room while she chants her mantras.
  • Made to remove her panties and drop to her knees. Tells her master that she is his sex slave. Repeats her erotic phrases she is given.
  • Full nude.
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