Girls Gone Hypnotized

Alice Frozen in Time

Alice is an annoying neighbor who complains to the rental office about anything. Some days it's about loud noise, other days she's upset about a dog in her front yard. Today she's complaining to a neighbor about him parking in her spot, even though the spots are unmarked. Alice would be pretty attractive if not for her bad attitude. So her neighbor uses a remote control on her, that freezes her in place. Now she is much more likable. Unable to talk or move, and no memory of what has happened once she's unfrozen. Her neighbor gets his revenge on Alice and uses the remote to not only drive her crazy, but to see her naked (and quiet) body.

Full Download Details:
13 minutes, 09 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Alice is frozen in time with a remote control. While frozen, she can be repositioned, but has no memory or awareness of what happened when unfrozen. Frozen and unfrozen multiple times.
  • Clothing altered, and posed while frozen.
  • Alice becomes increasingly confused and upset the more times she finds herself in odd positions or wearing less clothing.
  • Full nude.
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1920 x 1080
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