Girls Gone Hypnotized

Alice Hypnotized and Humiliated

Alice is a controlling wife and doesn't know how to take a joke. Her parents don't like her husband because they think he is immature and an underachiever. He's tired of getting verbally beat up by her and her parents so he uses a special remote to control Alice's mind. She instantly goes into a hypnotized state when the button is pressed, and follows her programming from the chip in the remote. She is forced to tell her husband how stupid she is and how low her IQ is in comparison to his. She's made to obey his commands and put into humiliating positions, then returned to normal to witness what she's been forced into doing. Alice's husband makes her suck on a pacifier and admit how stupid she really is.

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11 minutes, 38 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A remote control is used to manipulate Alice's mind.
  • With a button press, Alice goes into a trance and talks about how smart and amazing her husband is, and how dumb she is compared to him.
  • Must pull her panties down and walk around the room with them around her legs. She repeats "I am a bimbo" while walking in circles.
  • Returned to her normal state briefly. Has no idea what just happened.
  • Made blank and mindless as she talks about how much of an airhead she is.
  • Chants "my husband is so much smarter than me" while she walks in a trance with her arms out in front of her.
  • The remote is pressed and Alice obediently strips nude and stands in a trance.
  • Alice is humiliated and upset when she finds she has been forced to strip nude.
  • Put back into a trance and made to suck on a pacifier while talking about how stupid she is. Made to crawl around the floor like a baby.
  • Full nude.
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