Girls Gone Hypnotized

Alisha Will Comply

Alisha goes to visit her friend Ashley, but all she finds when she gets there is her creepy old dad, Mr Stevens. She used to like him when she was little, but as they've gotten older, he's gotten more inappropriate in the way he talks and looks at her. After some uncomfortable dialog between the two, she asks him for something for the headache he's giving her. Moments later he gives her a pill that not only gets rid of her headache, but all of her inhibitions as well. Alisha becomes extremely drowsy and out of it. But most importantly, Alisha is now completely compliant. She does anything Mr Stevens tells her to do without any resistance whatsoever.

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14 minutes, 57 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Alisha is given a pill that makes her extremely drowsy, and compliant with any command she is given.
  • Alisha is pulled off the couch and her arms lifted in the air in front of her. She leaves them there, and with a gentle push, begins sleepwalking through the room while repeating the phrase she is given.
  • Alisha is stopped in place. Mr Stevens pulls up Alisha's top and fondles her bare chest.
  • Mr Stevens lifts Alisha's arms over her head and removes her shirt entirely. He brushes her hair with his hand and plays with her chest.
  • Instructs Alisha to call him "master".
  • Mr Stevens makes Alisha sleepwalk through the room again, this time saying "I am your walking doll" and I am your human Barbie".
  • Must remove her shoes and jeans, and continue walking through the room.
  • Must dance slowly and run her hands over her body.
  • Mr Stevens lays on the floor and makes Alisha dance on top of him, grinding into his crotch.
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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Alisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will ComplyAlisha Will Comply

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