Girls Gone Hypnotized

Alisha and Lily Controlled

After Alisha and Lily participated in a hypnosis stage show, a man from the audience follows them to their home and uses their trigger word. Instantly the girls are under his complete control.

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13 minutes, 16 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • With a snap of his fingers, both girls are instantly frozen and entranced.
  • The girls stand up next to each other and he poses their bodies.
  • Must walk through the room like zombies to the music playing in the background.
  • Made to spin like ballerinas to music.
  • The girls continue to be posed by their master.
  • Both made to walk in circles with their hands on their hips while the music plays.
  • Alisha and Lily are forced to take turns posing each other.
  • Alisha is made to remove her top.
  • Alisha is made to grind on her master's lap while Lily crawls on the floor.
  • Lily continues to crawl back and forth on the ground while Alisha dances in her panties. Both girls are left in this state to wake up on their own.
  • Lily - no nudity.
  • Alisha - topless, nude down to panties.
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1920 x 1080
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