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Arwin Hypnotized to Love

Amanda has had a crush on her good friend, Arwin, for quite a long time now. So when Arwin stops by for a visit and begins telling Amanda about all of her problems with her boyfriend, she sees a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Arwin in her vulnerable state. She offers to relax Arwin with hypnosis. Amanda hypnotizes her with the necklace she is wearing. Once Arwin is under deep, Amanda tells her that her boyfriend doesn't love her, and that she will now see her in a romantic way.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Amanda hypnotizes Arwin with her own necklace
  • While Arwin is in trance, Amanda tells her that her boyfriend doesn't love her, and that she should be pursuing a relationship with her instead
  • The effect isn't as strong as Amanda would have hoped, so she puts Arwin back under with the swinging necklace
  • Arwin repeats her commands in a monotone while in a trance
  • Arwin must refer to Amanda as "mistress"
  • Amanda makes Arwin sleepwalk through the room and repeat various mantras
  • Amanda removes Arwin's shirt and makes her continue walking
  • Amanda removes Arwin's bra and caresses her bare chest, making her repeat various phrases
  • Arwin is made to continue sleepwalking while chanting mantras
  • Arwin must kneel before her mistress and let down her hair
  • Amanda removes her own top and begins caressing and rubbing Arwin's shoulders
  • Arwin is made to repeat her mantras as her shoulders and chest are rubbed
  • Arwin is brought out of trance with romantic feelings towards Amanda
  • Both girls begin touching and kissing each other
  • Both girls topless
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