Girls Gone Hypnotized

Arwin Submits

One of Arwin's guy friends puts on a mask and comes to her home. She knows it's him, but he refuses to take off the mask. He holds out a time piece and begins to swing it before her eyes. Soon Arwin falls under his spell and does everything he commands. She is now his hypnotized slave and her body belongs to him.

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24 minutes, 00 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Arwin his hypnotized by a pendant.
  • She repeats her programming in a monotone voice and with a blank face.
  • Answers "yes master" when obeying commands.
  • Her friend forces Arwin to sleepwalk in circles as she mindlessly repeats "I will serve and obey".
  • Arwin is told to kneel on the floor. Her friend stands behind her and feels her up as she repeats her mantras.
  • Arwin is forced to remove her shirt and pose topless for her master, changing her pose each time he snaps his fingers.
  • Arwin must kneel and massage her master's hands while she repeats her mantras.
  • Arwin straddles her master's lap and chants mantras while he plays with her bare breasts.
  • Arwin becomes a frozen and poseable mannequin. Placed into various positions by her master.
  • Arwin lets her hair down and removes her glasses. She stands entranced as her master feels up her body.
  • Arwin sleepwalks topless through the room as she chants "I submit".
  • Arwin wakes herself up out of trance and surprised to find she is topless. She is quickly  placed on the couch and shown the pendant. She falls back into a hypnotic state.
  • Arwin is forced to place her bare feet in her master's lap so that he can touch and play with them.
  • Arwin is made to stand in front of her master so that he can rub her ass while sitting down.
  • Arwin is ordered up to the bedroom in her mindless state.
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless.
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HD Quality Version
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