Girls Gone Hypnotized

Ayla Triggered

Ayla and her boyfriend went to a hypnosis show the other night, and she's on the phone telling her best friend how fake it all was. Ayla's boyfriend knows better. He knows his girlfriend, and he could tell that she was really hypnotized up on stage, and not faking it. He decides he's going to show her how real it all was. He uses Ayla's trigger from the night before to put her back into trance, and under his control. Ayla is repeatedly triggered to freeze, become a zombie, and slap her own butt. But anytime Ayla is not being triggered, she is becoming increasingly more frustrated as she begins to wonder if she really is still hypnotized.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Ayla's trigger word from the hypnosis show she went to, is used to control her mind the following day.
  • Triggered to freeze in a trance at various times. While frozen, she is groped on the chest and slapped on the ass. Placed into different positions.
  • Ayla reacts to her boyfriend being in different places in the room upon unfreezing. She tries to deny being hypnotized, but knows that something isn't right.
  • Turned into a walking zombie. Chants her mantras while mindless.
  • Forced to spank herself on the ass while mindlessly telling her boyfriend that she will be his good girl.
  • Put into a trance and can only chant the word "hypnotized" over and over.
  • Anytime Ayla is not being triggered, she is upset and frustrated and the circumstances she finds herself in.
  • No nudity.
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