Girls Gone Hypnotized

Bad Therapy 2
Starring Terra

This video was not filmed by us at GGH. It was commissioned out and recorded by the talent.

Terra went to a hypnotherapist for help dealing with her anxiety, but she was rude to the doctor during their session. Now the day after her appointment, she finds herself randomly acting like a chicken, and her anxiety is even worse as a result. She calls the doctor on the phone to get "fixed", only to be laughed at and triggered into even more humiliating behavior. Terra is fully aware while acting like a chicken, dog, or dancing, but she is unable to stop herself from obeying his commands. Terra is eventually put into a blank state of mind and made to follow commands as a thoughtless zombie.

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15 minutes, 28 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Terra argues with and begs the doctor to "fix" her, but he continues to take advantage of his hypnotic control over her.
  • She remains aware while obeying her commands, but unable to stop her body from acting on his suggestions.
  • Terra is triggered to act like a chicken during a phone conversation with a hypnotherapist.
  • Triggered to act like a ballerina.
  • Triggered to act like a spoiled little brat.
  • Triggered to act like a dog. Rolls on the ground, barks and "pees" on furniture.
  • Triggered to become a stripper. Terra dances and strips out of her clothes, unable to stop herself.
  • Triggered to go mindless and get on her knees. Terra bows down with her head touching to floor and worships her master in a monotone voice.
  • Remaining mindless, Terra walks like a zombie through her apartment and chants mantras of obedience.
  • Out of trance, Terra is triggered to talk to the doctor about how much she loves her big boobs while she squeezes and plays with them.
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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