Girls Gone Hypnotized

Blackmail Backfire

Mickee tries to blackmail her boss for a pay raise. She shows up at his home with a sex tape of him and the assistant manager's wife - a tricky situation to say the least. But her boss is one step ahead of her. He hypnotizes the young woman and forces her resignation, in a undignified manner, and keeps her at his home as his slave.

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13 minutes, 21 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized using a swinging pocket watch
  • Answers "yes master" when given commands
  • While blank and empty, Mickee stands posed as a sleepwalker and repeats her mantra
  • Must sleepwalk through the room and profess how useless of an employee she is
  • Made to record a video of resignation while wearing no panties with her legs spread open
  • Remains seated with her legs spread and repeats the phrases she is given while in trance
  • Made to destroy the disc containing the evidence used in the blackmail
  • Made to remove her dress and stand nude while remaining mindless and empty
  • Made to sleepwalk naked and in heels while repeating "my master has outsmarted me again"
  • Stands in a daze and rubs her own breasts as she repeats her mantra
  • Made to dance naked for her master
  • Acknowledges that she no longer has a job, but she will continue to serve her master in his home
  • Answers her master's call wearing a school girl uniform and holding a duster; begins to clean his home while remaining blank and mindless
  • Full nude
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1280 x 720
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