Girls Gone Hypnotized

Blank and Empty

Rachel is meeting with her son's friend's father about a little fight their kids got into. All seems to be forgiven, but when the dad makes a pass at Rachel, she becomes uncomfortable and does not reciprocate his feelings. He hypnotizes Rachel and leaves her in a blank and empty state. She is completely unaware of what is happening around her. Rachel stares off in a daze while the man leads her to different parts of the room and takes off pieces of her clothing. He inspects her body and feels her up. Rachel is unable to speak or even think while all of this is happening to her. When he's had enough, he makes Rachel dress herself and remember nothing that happened while she was hypnotized. The conversation picks back up as if nothing happened.

Full Download Details:
11 minutes, 52 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch.
  • Rachel goes into a trance. She stares blankly ahead and is unaware of anything happening to her.
  • She can be lead to different parts of the room, and put into different positions, all while remaining in a deep trance unable to speak or think.
  • Pieces of Rachel's clothing are removed and she is groped.
  • Made to put all of her clothes back on and remember nothing about what happened while she was hypnotized
  • Topless and bottomless nudity.
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