Girls Gone Hypnotized

Built for Pleasure 7

Lily's boyfriend has bought a "robot conversion booth" to use on his unsuspecting girlfriend. He tells her that its a light therapy chamber that is used to reduce body fat and improve skin condition. Lily has no reason not to trust him so she steps inside the booth. The lights are activated and dopey smile comes to Lily's face. She is put into a complacent and docile state of mind, happily doing whatever she is told. Her boyfriend enjoys having her give him hand and foot massages, and showing off her sexy figure for him, but he decides he'd rather have something with no personality or emotion instead. He tells Lily to step back into the booth, and he activates the robot conversion setting. Lily is transformed into a machine, and emerges from the booth with silver hair and skin. Lily's personality is removed and she must now run any program she is given. Her only mission is to bring her owner pleasure.

Full Download Details:
19 minutes, 42 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Mood and personality altered by the light therapy in the conversion booth.
  • Lily becomes docile, and very attentive and accommodating.
  • Happily rubs her boyfriend's hands and feet.
  • Happily agrees to call him "master" going forward.
  • Steps back into the conversion booth for her transformation into a robot. Skin and hair become silver and her mind is now a computer. Lily runs any program that is installed into her mind.
  • Face is blank and emotionless. Speaks in a robotic monotone.
  • Walks through the room while repeating her programming.
  • Stands as a mannequin while being posed by her owner.
  • Exits the glass display case and enters cleaning mode. Proceeds to clean the floors.
  • Enters "statue mode" and changes her pose each time her master snaps his fingers.
  • Approaches her owner and receives her final commands.
  • Lily is powered down and stored away in the glass case.
  • No nudity.
Available in:

HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
Total size is 749 MB
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