Girls Gone Hypnotized

Cassandra Hypnotized to Fall in Love

Cassandra realizes one day that she doesn't want to be with her boyfriend anymore. They've only been together for three months, and she can't really recall why she even liked him in the first place. As she tells him that she wants to break up, he holds a pocket watch to her eyes and she slowly goes into a trance. She tells him, "whenever you put me under your spell, I always obey". Cassandra is his to command again. She now happily follows his commands, and is reminded that "master knows best".

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10 minutes, 13 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A  pocket watch is used to hypnotize Cassandra. She goes into a trance and begins repeating back her commands and mantras.
  • Cassandra is groped while she is in a trance.
  • With a soft smile on her face, Cassandra is made to sleepwalk through the room while chanting "Master knows best".
  • Brought out of trance and is head over heals in love with her boyfriend. She can't wait to spend her life with him.
  • Snapped back into a trance and must bow and worship her master.
  • Cassandra is summoned into the room and a later time and made to dance for her master. She happily obeys.
  • Cassandra sits in a trance, just waiting for her next instructions while being looked over.
  • She is brought out of trance, and with a smile on her face, tells her boyfriend she is his forever.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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