Girls Gone Hypnotized

Changing Jayci's Mind

Jayci and her boyfriend are in a boring, sexless relationship - stuck in the routine of everyday life. Whenever he hints or suggests that she do anything sexy for him, she brushes it off and changes the subject. All of that changes today with the special remote control he bought. The remote makes Jayci agree to whatever her boyfriend suggests, without her even knowing it. Instantly her mind is changed whenever he wants it to be.

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12 minutes, 02 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jayci has a complete change of mind and agrees with whatever her boyfriend suggests, when he uses a special remote control on her.
  • The remote is used to make Jayci agree to trying on a new, sexy lingerie.
  • Jayci says she doesn't want to dance in her new outfit, but the remote is used and Jayci suddenly feels like dancing for her boyfriend.
  • When he touches Jayci's legs, she becomes uncomfortable and says she's going to change into something warmer. The remote is used and Jayci puts her legs in her boyfriends lap so he can rub them.
  • Jayci's heels are removed to display her bare feet.
  • Jayci brings up the "mannequin challenge", but says she has no interested in taking part. Her boyfriend uses the remote on her and she instantly wants to try it. She stands like a mannequin and can even be moved and repositioned.
  • Jayci is about to head upstairs and change out of her outfit until the remote is used on her again. Now she suddenly wants to take her boyfriend upstairs with her and have sex.
  • No nudity.
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