Girls Gone Hypnotized

Changing Karly's Mind

Karly is the hotel clerk on duty, and today she gets to deal with a guy who can't cover his bill. Not only is he broke, but she comes to find out he's sexually inappropriate as well. Though he's traveling with his wife, that doesn't stop him from hitting on Karly when she comes to collect the money he owes. He quickly realizes that Karly is in need of an entirely new personality so he hypnotizes her with a pocket watch and gives her a different attitude. When Karly comes out of her trance, she is now flirty and romantically attracted to him. He has fun switching Karly between her old and new personalities, and telling her put on his wife's sexy catsuit while she becomes desperate for his affections.

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12 minutes, 10 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch.
  • Karly refers to him as her "master".
  • Repeats her instructions through the induction.
  • When Karly is brought out of her trance, she has a new personality. She is transformed from cold and bitchy to flirty and romantically attracted.
  • Karly tries to convince him to leave his wife for her.
  • He snaps his fingers and Karly returns back to her normal personality. She tries to escape but is again captivated by the pocket watch.
  • Karly is snapped back and forth between personalities.
  • Karly puts on his wife's catsuit to show him that she can wear it better than his wife can.
  • Karly is snapped back into her old personality and sees that she is in a catsuit.
  • Hypnotized with the pocket watch again and made to sleepwalk in circles
  • Brought out of her trance and is now desperate for his affection.
  • No nudity.
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Changing Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's MindChanging Karly's Mind

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