Girls Gone Hypnotized

Changing Raven's Mind

Raven is fed up with her neighbor's loud music, obnoxious guests, and finding their dog poop in her front lawn. She confronts him, and becomes even more irate when she finds out he's a teenage boy. She belittles him, not even stopping to catch her breath until he shows her something captivating. He swings a pretty necklace before her eyes, and Raven follows it intently. Her eyes glaze over and she goes into a trance. Raven then receives a new personality - a sex starved bimbo. When Raven comes out of trance, she's all too eager to pull out her tits and tease her neighbor boy with them. She uses her body to try and convince him to agree to her terms. Raven doesn't realize that she's hypnotized and at the mercy of her neighbor. He enjoys snapping Raven between her "bitchy" personality, and her "sexually aroused bimbo" personality.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Raven gets hypnotized by a swinging necklace. She goes into a trance and is given a new personality. She goes from complete bitch, to a sexually aroused bimbo.
  • Begins to try and seduce her neighbor boy buy pulling out her tits and teasing him with them.
  • Raven encourages him to feel up her bare tits and grab her ass.
  • Raven is snapped back and forth between "rude bitch" and "sex starved bimbo". As Raven becomes increasingly more sexual in her bimbo personality, she becomes equally more flustered each time she's brought back to her rude personality.
  • Raven climbs onto the neighbor boy's lap and grinds her ass into him as he feels up her tits.
  • Raven eventually strips out of her outfit, wearing only panties and heels.
  • Raven uses her body as a bargaining tool to convince her neighbor to be quiet and respectful of her home.
  • Topless nudity.
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