Girls Gone Hypnotized

Controlled by the Client

Nicci just got her hypnotherapy certification online, and she's working with her first real client, Megan. Nicci begins to swing a pocket watch for Megan to focus on while she listens to her voice. Megan isn't quite feeling the effects of the hypnosis, but Nicci is. Nicci accidentally hypnotizes herself due to her inexperience, and Megan can't help but be amused by the situation. She takes control of Nicci's mind and makes her call her "mistress" while obeying every command she receives. Megan may not get help with her anxiety today, but she at least gets to have a lot of fun controlling her new slave.

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20 minutes, 18 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Nicci tries to hypnotize Megan with a pocket watch, but ends up putting herself into trance instead.
  • Megan plays with Nicci's limp body while asleep, and then makes her repeat the programming she gives her.
  • Megan instructs Nicci to say "yes mistress" after every command she gives her.
  • Megan commands Nicci to model her outfit for her. While Nicci is posing, Megan moves her into new positions.
  • Nicci is commanded to twirl on her toes like a ballerina.
  • Nicci is commanded to walk like a zombie while chanting the mantra Megan gives her.
  • Megan wakes Nicci up and messes with her a bit as she tries to figure out what is happening.
  • Nicci is put back into a trance and made to act like a chicken, then a cat.
  • Megan makes Nicci give her a foot rub. While she's rubbing her feet, Megan programs Nicci to remember nothing, and offer the session free of charge.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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Controlled by the Client

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