Girls Gone Hypnotized

Controlling Their Feet

Kiara and Stella have a friend named Jim. They don't really like Jim, but they don't have the heart to tell him to get lost. All they know is that every time Jim is around, things get weird and they can't remember what happened. Today Jim stops by and it's no different. He shoots the girls with a mind control ray and they both instantly go blank and mindless, ready to obey his commands. Soon the girls are wearing nothing but their panties and showing their master their bare feet and soles. The girls repeat back the commands Jim gives them, remaining in a trance throughout the whole experience. When it's time for Jim to leave, he brings both girls out of trance, but with no memory of the show they just put on for him.

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11 minutes, 10 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kiara and Stella are shot with the mind control ray. Both girls go blank and mindless and repeat the commands they're given.
  • Must prop their feet up and display their soles while chanting their mantras.
  • Sleepwalk in circles while repeating "we are barefoot and brainwashed".
  • Made to strip down their panties.
  • Continue sleepwalking in circles as they repeat their new mantra.
  • The girls stand entranced as their master plays with their boobs.
  • Both girls sit on the floor and display their soles for their master. Repeating the phrases they are given throughout.
  • When the girls are brought out of hypnosis they have no memory that they were made to put their bodies on display.
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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Controlling Their FeetControlling Their FeetControlling Their FeetControlling Their FeetControlling Their FeetControlling Their FeetControlling Their Feet

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