Girls Gone Hypnotized

Converting Brittany Rose

Brittany arrives for a photo shoot, only to find that the photographer is anything but professional. His lack of expertise is apparent when he doesn't have proper gear or lighting. But Brittany gets nervous when he asks her to pose inside his glass case. She is hesitant, but complies. After she's inside the case, the door locks and a light activates. Almost instantly, Brittany's mind is emptied and converted into a computer. Brittany is reprogrammed and becomes a sex slave, only concerned with pleasing her master.

Full Download Details:
16 minutes, 34 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Brainwashed and reprogrammed in a conversion booth.
  • Mind is converted into a computer.
  • Repeats her programming in a robotic monotone.
  • Exits the booth and stands at attention as her master looks over her body.
  • Walks through the room while mindlessly repeating her mantra.
  • Stands before her master and repeats the phrases she is given.
  • Placed into cleaning mode. Made to clean the conversion booth while repeating her mantra.
  • Becomes a poseable statue.
  • Ordered to remove her top and bra. Repeats "I am a perfect robot", as her master feels up her bare chest.
  • Summoned out of her storage case to pleasure her master.
  • Virtual simulated scene - camera on bottom (no real sex, no male nudity).
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless.
Available in:

HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
Total size is 630 MB
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