Girls Gone Hypnotized

Dealing With an Irate Neighbor

Kendra gets upset when her neighbor and his friends take her parking space. She complains to him, like always, but this time he teaches Kendra some manners. He hypnotizes her at the door, using a pocket watch. He watches Kendra fall under his control and commands her to follow him inside his apartment. He programs her to mindlessly obey his every command, and always reply "yes master" when doing so. Kendra learns to not be such a bitch about the parking situation, and learns how to use her body to pleasure her master in the process.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kendra is hypnotized at the door when she is told to focus her attention on a pocket watch.
  • She must answer "yes master" when given a command.
  • She enters her master's home and stands in a trance. She repeats back her the commands she receives.
  • Kendra is turned into a mindless sleepwalker and chants the phrase "I am a hypnotized slave".
  • Sat on the couch. Still in a daze, Kendra repeats the phrase "I am mindless, I am obedient".
  • Kendra goes into a deep sleep when her master snaps his fingers. She is unaware while her tits are being fondled.
  • She is sent back home, and obediently returns wearing a new skirt and top.
  • Still entranced, Kendra begins sleepwalking and chanting "I am deeply hypnotized".
  • Stands in a sleepwalking pose and repeats back the phrases she is given.
  • Kendra is made to dance and run her hands over her body, and eventually strip out of her top and bra.
  • She stands at attention while her master gropes her bare tits.
  • Becomes a topless zombie. Chants her mantra as she walks in circles.
  • Kneels in obedience before her master, waiting for her next commands.
  • Made to mindlessly perform a lap dance. Grinds into her master's lap while chanting mantras.
  • Kendra is made to go back to her home with no memory of what happened. Left with the command that she will never bother him about the parking situation again.
  • Topless nudity.
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