Girls Gone Hypnotized

Delivery Girl Hypnotized

Victoria is working for a food delivery service when one of her customers makes the quick decision that he wants to keep her for himself. He hypnotizes her at the door using a pocket watch. Victoria goes into such a deep trance that her eyes cross and her tongue sticks out. She is so deeply under his control that she will do anything he commands.

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06 minutes, 45 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Victoria gets hypnotized by a pocket watch while delivering a package.
  • She instinctively rolls her eyes up and pushes her tongue out when she goes into a trance.
  • She walks into the middle of the room and stands in a trance.
  • Victoria is ordered to the couch. She is briefly posed while still wearing her ahegao face expression.
  • Snapped out of her trance. Very confused as to why she's in this man's apartment without a memory of walking in.
  • As she goes to leave, Victoria is put back into her trance. She begins to repeat the phrases her master gives her.
  • Forced to walk back and forth like a zombie and chant her mantra.
  • Victoria is made to get on her hands and knees and bounce her ass up and down. Close-up shots.
  • Has an ahegao expression through a majority of the clip.
  • No nudity.
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