Girls Gone Hypnotized

Demoting the Boss

Arielle is a tough boss and she runs a strictly professional office environment. So when she receives complaints that the new IT guy is asking women in the office about their feet, she immediately fires him. He's working remotely today from home, so she fires him over a video call. But before she can get rid of him officially, he turns her own computer into a brainwashing device. Her screen quickly flashes different colors with the word "obey" in the center. Arielle's mind is emptied and she can now only do what she is told. Now it is her feet and legs that are on display for her master. And before the end of the call, Arielle will have demoted herself and promoted the troublesome employee into her own position, as her superior.

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14 minutes, 23 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Arielle is hypnotized by a flashing strobe screen with the word "obey" on it.
  • Refers to her employee as "master" and "sir" now.
  • Her arms hang at her side as she chants her programmed mantras in a trance.
  • Remaining blank and mindless, Arielle is made to show off her bare legs and heels to her master over the video call.
  • Must remove her heels and caress her legs and feet for her master. Continues to pose her legs in erotic ways and chant her mantras.
  • Turns around in her seat and shows off her soles.
  • Snapped out of trance with a new outlook. Arielle is now more than happy to display her legs and feet. She demotes herself to her employee's position, and promotes him as her new boss.
  • No nudity.
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Demoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the BossDemoting the Boss

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