Girls Gone Hypnotized

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Eden has been seeing a therapist for her anxiety, but lately something odd has been happening in her everyday life. At random times she begins barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken. She, and others, are beginning to think she's losing her mind. But the doctor assures her she's fine - she just needs more hypnotherapy. Of course, he's the reason behind all this crazy behavior. He loves making her do absurd things while she's hypnotized, and erasing her memory of it after each session.

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13 minutes, 30 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Eden gets hypnotized by a pocket watch many times throughout the clip.
  • Repeats her programming in an eyes-wide trance at various times.
  • Answers "yes, master".
  • Made to act like a chicken.
  • Made to act like a dog.
  • Made to act like a cow.
  • Becomes a mindless, mantra-chanting zombie.
  • Eden is bent of the doctor's lap and spanked.
  • The doctor tugs at Eden's top to accent her large breasts.
  • Crawls on all fours, chanting her mantras in complete submission to the doctor.
  • Made to act like a cat.
  • Eden is convinced, through hypnosis, that the doctor is amazing and only trying to help. She remembers none of the weird things she was made to do.
  • Throughout the clip, Eden keeps breaking out of her trance, but the pocket watch always pulls her back in.
  • No nudity.
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