Girls Gone Hypnotized

Ellie Hypnotized

Victoria is fed up with her roommate Ellie's rude and lazy behavior. With the help of a classmate from her psychology class, Victoria hypnotizes Ellie and captures the moment on a hidden camera. Once Ellie is in a nice, deep trance, Victoria brings in her friend who captures the rest of the fun on his camera. Victoria turns Ellie into her mindless and obedient slave, making her do embarrassing things and then uploading videos of the events to social media sites for the whole world to see. Victoria begins taking suggestions from people online, as to what she should make her little slave do next. Ellie shakes herself out of the hypnosis a couple of times, but it turns out that she's such a great subject, that she goes under again quite easily, even when she's the one trying to hypnotize someone else.

Full Download Details:
27 minutes, 58 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging crystal inductions (3)
  • Zombie/sleepwalking scenes
  • Ellie is made to answer "yes mistress" and repeat mantras
  • Ellie is made to kneel in obedience to Victoria while repeating mantras
  • Victoria uploads embarrassing pictures of Ellie to social media sites
  • Ellie is frozen and posed by Victoria
  • Ellie is frozen and unfrozen by Victoria while walking
  • Ellie is made to dust and clean for Victoria
  • Ellie is made to wear a dress and model for Victoria
  • Ellie wakes up and is re-hypnotized by Victoria
  • Ellie is made to brush Victoria's hair while Victoria takes suggestions on social media
  • Ellie is made to bring Victoria a drink
  • Ellie wakes up and tries to hypnotize Victoria, instead hypnotizing herself by accident
  • Ellie is made to follow Victoria outside
  • No nudity
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