Girls Gone Hypnotized

Entrancing Email

Mickee is used to getting emails from her ex boyfriend begging her to come back to him. She never responds, but she still reads them for a good laugh. This email today is a little different though. It's simply an attachment that is a spiral spinning over and over. In the spiral there are words that appear. Mickee stares into the spiral and is hypnotized by it. The words program her mind. Mickee is completely under her ex's control now. He’ll be over shortly to claim his slave in person.

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15 minutes, 40 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mickee opens an email attachment with a spiral on it. The spiral spins and hypnotizes Mickee. The word "obey" flashes in the spiral and Mickee begins to repeat it aloud.
  • The spiral instructs Mickee to walk through the room like a zombie and chant "I will obey".
  • Mickee returns to the laptop and receives orders to remove her panties and shake her ass for the camera.
  • Looks into the spiral and repeats her programming. She is put into a hypnotic sleep until her master arrives.
  • Her limp body is played with while she's asleep.
  • Mickee is made to walk in her sleep (eyes closed), and collapse on the floor when her master snaps his fingers.
  • Made to move herself back and forth on her knees as she imagines having sex with her ex. She begins to moan and says how much she misses his huge cock.
  • Mickee is woken up and is very confused and upset to see her ex in her living room.
  • She is put back into a hypnotized state and made to remove her shirt.
  • She stands fully naked and chants "I am easy to hypnotize".
  • She is brought out of trance, but made to feel like a horny slut. She tells her ex that she doesn't care that they're broken up, she just needs his cock inside her immediately.
  • Full nude.
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