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Erin's Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Erin's first time ever being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Erin undergoes her first real hypnosis session with our returning hypnotist, RHLOVER. The entire session was conducted online through the webcam, with Erin being guided into trance by the hypnotist, through visualization and relaxation techniques.  I, of course, was in the room with her, filming and interacting as needed. Erin is dropped down into a deep, relaxing trance during a lengthy induction that focuses on relaxation and obedience training. She is trained to address myself and the hypnotist as "master".

After the induction, Erin is given a trigger that returns her to trance, a trigger that makes her desire to be controlled, and a trigger that knocks her out with her own finger. She is brought out of hypnosis a few times, not knowing she is already hypnotized, but still responding to the hypnotic triggers left in place. There are a few segments where control of Erin is given over to myself, in which I have her remove her clothes, become a mindless sleepwalker, repeat mantras, follow a pocket watch, and kneel and worship.

Erin responded very well to the hypnosis, and felt as if she had to obey her commands. She had an altered concept of time while under hypnosis, which seems to be a common theme with subjects who are deeply hypnotized. All things considered, it was a great session, and fun to see Erin go under hypnosis for her first time ever.

After the session, Erin is brought out of trance and the three of us briefly discuss the session in a  follow-up interview.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Guided into trance by hypnotist's voice and visualization
  • Made to respond "yes, master" and repeat mantras
  • Fingers stuck together
  • Arms made to feel as if attached to balloons
  • Taken into a deep relaxation
  • Made to forget the number 3
  • Made to feel hot and begin cooling herself off
  • Taken through obedience training (made mindless and obedient)
  • Given a trigger to return to trance
  • Brought out of hypnosis a few times with no memory of being hypnotized, still calling myself and the hypnotist "master"
  • Trance deepened with swinging pocket watch
  • Made to remove her dress
  • Hands stuck to breasts, unable to move them
  • Made to lay on her back while empty and mindless
  • Made to stand in a "sleepwalker pose" while repeating mantras
  • Made to worship towards the camera
  • Made to sleepwalk while repeating a mantra
  • Given a strong desire to want to be hypnotized again
  • Triggered to knock herself out by touching her forehead
  • Brought out of hypnosis, allowed to remember the session
  • Explains how it felt being hypnotized and what the experience was like in a follow-up interview
  • Topless, nude down to panties
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