Girls Gone Hypnotized

Erin's Third Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Erin's third time being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Erin visits for her third hypnosis session with our returning hypnotist, RHLOVER. The entire session was conducted online through the webcam, with Erin being guided into trance by the hypnotist, through eye fixation and relaxation techniques.  I, of course, was in the room with her, filming and interacting as needed. Erin, of course, has been hypnotized twice before, so less work is needed getting her to that relaxed, suggestible state the hypnotist needs her in to get her responding to his suggestions. Before moving into the mindless obedience suggestions, some fun is had playing little games on our hypnotized subject. First she is made unable to produce any sound from her mouth no matter how hard she tries. Erin is very frustrated when neither myself our the hypnotist can hear a word she is trying to say. She is also frozen and made poseable, but completely aware of what is happening while she is unable to move herself. This becomes particularly fun when she is tickled and helpless to defend herself. Another fun trick is when the hypnotist makes Erin believe that she is receiving a phone call on her shoe. It is completely normal to her that she is holding a shoe to her ear and talking into it. She even takes time to explain all the fun features and apps her shoe/phone has installed on it. More fun mind games involving love potions and mind-blanking camera lenses are played on Erin before being made completely mindless and obedient (as always, a full list of details from the session is located just below). The session ends with Erin being made to speak and behave as a robot, carrying out her commands and reciting her programming.

After the session, all hypnotic triggers are removed, and Erin is brought completely out of hypnosis, and the three of us briefly discuss the session in a  follow-up interview.

Erin again responds very well to being hypnotized, and expresses interest in returning for more at a later time.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Pre-induction talk
  • Instructed to focus on a spot on the ceiling; guided into trance by hypnotist's voice and visualization
  • Taken into a deep relaxation
  • Given a sleep trigger that returns her to trance
  • Made to feel a warm, pleasant tingle when she hears the phrase "good girl"
  • Tries to talk, but no sound comes out of her mouth
  • Becomes a poseable mannequin, but still able to talk
  • Tickled while frozen and unable to move
  • Made to believe her shoe is a phone; shows up all of the cool new features
  • Mind goes blank and empty when looking into the camera lens; obeys any command given
  • Instructed to answer "yes master" when given a command
  • Made to repeat phrases, answer questions, and rub her foot while hypnotized by the camera lens
  • Thinks that hypnosis isn't real, but removes clothing as she is shown a pocket watch
  • Hands stuck while aware
  • Made to rub breasts while aware, still believing she is not hypnotized
  • Every time she hears her name, she thinks she's had another shot of alcohol
  • Believes that she just drank a very powerful love potion; falls in love with myself
  • Taken through obedience training
  • Made to repeat mantras and believe them more each time she says them
  • Posed as a sleepwalker and made to repeat mantras
  • Must worship the camera
  • Made to speak in a robotic monotone
  • Given phrases to repeat that make her believe she is a robot
  • Believes that her forehead is a power button
  • Made to masage her master's hand
  • Loves being hypnotized and controlled
  • Dropped back into trance and taken deeper
  • Triggers removed and brought completely out of hypnosis
  • Explains how it felt being hypnotized and what the experience was like in a follow-up interview
  • Topless, nude down to panties
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