Girls Gone Hypnotized

Family Feud

Lily and Victoria have an old family secret - all of the siblings in their family have the ability to control peoples' minds. By just simply willing it, Lily and Victoria can make anyone do anything they want. The girls have never turned their powers against each other... until today. Lily starts by taking control of Victoria's mind and making her hand over her phone. Lily felt the act was harmless enough, but Victoria is highly offended. The girls take turns controlling each other until their tempers reach a point that's out of control. When they are both beyond reason, their older brother step in and takes control of both of them together.

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17 minutes, 40 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • The girls start to argue and then begin using their mind control powers on each other. Able to control each others minds with a simple hand gesture.
  • Lily and Victoria fight over Victoria's phone. Lily keeps using her powers to make Victoria hand over her phone, while Victoria makes Lily hand it back.
  • Lily makes Victoria call the guy she is interested in dating and tell him that she finds him rude and disgusting.
  • Lily puts Victoria in a trance and makes her hide her own phone so she can't tell Lily to bring it to her.
  • Victoria makes Lily sleepwalk through the room while she plots her revenge on her.
  • Victoria makes Lily stand outside in the rain and get soaked.
  • Lily makes Victoria dry her feet off with her dress, then give her a foot rub.
  • Lily and Victoria's brother walks in on their heated argument and puts them both under his control.
  • Lily and Victoria are made to sleepwalk in circles while repeating "our brother is our master".
  • Both girls are made to kneel before their brother and give him a foot rub while the mindlessly chant their mantras.
  • The girls are made to apologize to each other and stop their nonsensical fighting.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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