Girls Gone Hypnotized

Flash Trancing App

Jennifer's boyfriend has a foot fetish that he hasn't told her about. He's a little embarrassed to tell her how sexy he thinks her feet are. He discovers a phone app that mesmerizes people with a hypnotic camera flash. He uses this app to put Jennifer in a trance and make her show off her sexy, bare feet to him while she chants mantras. Later he uses the app to wake Jennifer out of trance, but make her more than happy to please him with her feet.

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09 minutes, 07 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jennifer is mesmerized by a phone app. The camera flash puts her instantly into a trance.
  • Jennifer's face goes blank and she obeys her master's command to show off her sexy legs and feet to him.
  • She removes her heels and poses her bare feet and soles for her master. Her feet are inspected and played with.
  • Jennifer repeats her mantras while showing off her feet.
  • The camera flash is used to wake Jennifer out of trance, but now she is very flirty with her feet. She wants to please her boyfriend sexually with her bare feet.
  • Smiles and rubs her feet all over her master.
  • No nudity.
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3840 x 2160
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