Girls Gone Hypnotized

For a Good Cause

This video was not filmed by us at GGH. It was commissioned out and recorded by the talent.

Model, Macy Nikole, has agreed to be hypnotized over a live stream as part of a charity fundraiser. Her only two conditions for the hypnotist - no nudity, and no weird barefoot fetish stuff. The session starts off innocently enough with Macy obeying harmless commands without realizing it, but it isn't long before viewers around the world watch Macy get hypnotized to break her only two rules.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Macy gets hypnotized on a live stream for a charity. The hypnotist puts her into a trance and makes her repeat back her programming.
  • Macy is woken up. She denies being hypnotized despite acting like a chicken and barking like a dog while she is trying to carry a conversation. She calls the hypnotist "master" without realizing it.
  • Sleepwalks back and forth while chanting mantras in a deep trance.
  • Made to itch and feel tickled, though she still denies being hypnotized.
  • Made to think she's taking a call on her shoe.
  • Put back into a deep trance and made to remove her shoes, then pose her feet for the live stream. She poses her feet while repeating her mantras.
  • Becomes very upset when she wakes up to see that her shoes are off. Instantly put back under and made to strip nude.
  • Walks like a zombie, naked throughout the room, and chanting her mantras.
  • Macy ends the live stream hypnosis session nude and not even realizing it.
  • Full nude.
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