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Freeze Spray

Sarah checks into her hotel room for the evening, but someone working in the lobby has taken a special interest in her. They follow her up to her room and then wait until she is relaxed and off guard. The worker quickly lets himself in Sarah's room, but before she has time to react, Sarah is paralyzed with a freeze spray. The blue mist freezes her right in her tracks. While under the effects of the spray, Sarah is frozen solid and stays posed in any position he places her in. The spray is not permanent, however, and when the effects eventually wear off, Sarah regains her mobility but has no memory of what happened while frozen.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Sarah becomes frozen stiff when she inhales a Freeze Spray. Frozen a total of 4 separate times.
  • While frozen, Sarah is stiff and poseable, and is unaware of what is happening to her.
  • Sarah's arms and legs are manipulated into various positions. She is pushed into a seated position on the couch and her shoes are removed.
  • Sarah eventually regains her mobility and thinks everything was just an awful dream. She walks into the bedroom and encounters the intruder again, who freezes her in her tracks with more of the freeze spray.
  • Sarah is pushed onto the bed. Her arms are raised above her head, her shirt is pulled up, and her bare breasts are then fondled.
  • Sarah continues to be posed and manipulated while frozen stiff. Her pants are pulled down to her ankles.
  • The intruder waits until Sarah can move again, just to see the look of panic on her face. He then freezes her and pushes her back onto the bed.
  • Sarah is put into a sex doll pose and wakes up shortly after, she is frozen for a 4th and final time, and rolled onto the bed.
  • Full nude.
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