Girls Gone Hypnotized

Genevieve's Hypnotic Massage

Genevieve's friend recommends her to an excellent masseur. He works out of his home, but he apparently does such good work, the girls don't even remember what happened during the massage - only that they wake up feeling amazing. Genevieve is directed to the massage table and then asked to focus on a pocket watch. She wasn't aware that hypnosis was part of the experience, but she goes under without a fight. Now with Genevieve completely hypnotized and willing to do anything she's told, the masseur gets to the fun part - making her obey his every erotic command without ever remembering what she's been made to do. But when Genevieve wakes up, all she knows is that she feels incredible.

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23 minutes, 15 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Genevieve is hypnotized into a deep sleep after being told to focus on a pocket watch.
  • Her body is looked over while she is programmed by the therapist. She repeats back the commands he gives her, and believes them to be her truth.
  • Limp body is briefly played with on the massage table.
  • Genevieve is snapped awake. She sits up in a trance and chants several mantras. Her master snaps his fingers and she immediately goes back to sleep.
  • Sleepwalks around the table while chanting "
  • Kneels on the table and focuses on the swinging watch. Her eyes roll up while she chants her mantras.
  • Put back into her hypnotic sleep on the massage table. Her socks are removed and soles inspected.
  • Genevieve is made to prance around the room while repeating "I am a naughty girl and you have control over my mind". She is frozen and unfrozen with a snap of the finger.
  • Genevieve goes through a series of sexy poses as she tells her master that she's a bad girl and she needs him to keep her in line.
  • Bends over the table and is spanked by her master. Each time she is spanked, she smiles and says "thank you, master".
  • Follows the pocket watch back to the table and to a laying down position. Slowly falls back into a hypnotic sleep.
  • Before she is brought out of hypnosis, Genevieve is given the suggestion that she will feel like she's had an incredible massage and she will want to come back for more.
  • No nudity.
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