Girls Gone Hypnotized

Getting in the Spirit

Jennifer wants to take Christmas card pictures with Lily, with both of them dressed as sexy Santa's helpers. Lily isn't into the idea and wants to take off the costume. Jennifer thinks quickly and makes up a story about the "Christmas Pocket Watch". She tells Lily that Father Time gifted St Nick with the watch years ago, so that he could stop time and deliver presents to the world in one single night. Jennifer holds the watch up to Lily's face and tells her that if she looks closely, she can see Santa's sleigh inside the watch. Lily looks deep into the watch and is slowly hypnotized by it's sway. Now Jennifer has full control over Lily's mind, and makes her take pictures as a sexy Santa's helper. She also makes Lily spread Christmas cheer throughout the home by singing a carol and becoming a decorative doll for her Christmas office party.

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17 minutes, 24 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily is hypnotized by Jennifer using a pocket watch
  • Lily repeats back her instructions during the induction
  • Lily must reply "yes mistress" when Jennifer gives her a command
  • Lily is made to model sexy poses for Jennifer's camera, wearing her new Christmas outfit
  • Jennifer makes Lily sleepwalk in circles while singing "Jingle Bells"
  • Jennifer decides that she wants Lily at her office Christmas party as a decorative doll, so she practices posing her in different positions
  • Jennifer removes Lily's socks and is delighted to see her toes are painted red; plays with her bare feet
  • Lily is triggered to go into trance whenever Jennifer snaps her fingers
  • No nudity
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