Girls Gone Hypnotized

Gia and Heavyn Get Hypnotized

Heavyn gets hypnotized by her boyfriend, and forced to hypnotize her friend Gia in turn. The two of them are under his control entirely and mindlessly do everything he says. He spends the afternoon deepening their trances to make sure they can't wake up without his permission. Heavyn and Gia are his topless slaves for as long as he likes.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Heavyn is hypnotized by a pocket watch.
  • She goes into a daze and repeats back her instructions under hypnosis.
  • She is made to answer "yes master" when her boyfriend gives her commands.
  • Her socks are removed by her master while she is still in a trance.
  • Gia comes over to see Heavyn, but Heavyn is still under her boyfriend's control and hypnotized Gia with the pocket watch.
  • Gia repeats back the commands Heavyn gives her while both of them remain entranced.
  • Both girls are made to sleepwalk through the room while chanting "we are brainwashed".
  • The girls stand side by side, blank and mindless, and repeat the phrases their master gives them.
  • Heavyn and Gia are made to expose their bare breasts.
  • Made to walk like zombies topless, while chanting "we are hypnotized".
  • The girls sit next to each other and are taken deeper by the pocket watch. They repeat their mantras while presenting their bare feet and tits to their master.
  • Must submit on their knees and continue focusing on the watch.
  • The girls remain on their knees with their arms stretch out in front of them and repeat their mantra as they go deeper and deeper.
  • Barefoot.
  • Both girls - topless nudity.
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