Girls Gone Hypnotized

Girlfriend Entranced

Serena is a pretentious little bitch who tries to throw her boyfriend out of the home for some new guy she just met. However, she has a complete change of mind after he shows her his hypnotic phone app. Serena goes into a trance and is made to love and honor her boyfriend, whether she is in trance or out.

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11 minutes, 42 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a spiral phone app
  • Stares into the spiral in a trance while repeating her master's programming
  • Speaks in a monotone and answers "yes master"
  • Sleepwalks in circles while chanting a mantra
  • Made to tell her boyfriend how wonderful he is while staring blankly and speaking in a monotone
  • Brought out of trance with a new, pleasant attitude and made to clean while telling her boyfriend how happy she is
  • Goes back into trance at the snap of his fingers, and falls on her knees worshipping him
  • Brought out of trance and made to break up with her new boyfriend over the phone
  • Calls him master even when out of trance
  • While out of trance, tells her boyfriend how she will be his perfect slave
  • Cheerfully answers her master's call and is instantly turned into a mindless sleepwalker at the snap of his fingers
  • Stares happily into the spiral and tells her master she is his forever
  • No nudity
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1280 x 720
Total size is 444 MB
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