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Guliana Hypnotized

Guliana and her boyfriend have traveled to a new city so she could accept some modeling jobs. They've got some time to kill before her shoot and she asks him if he's like to go do something fun. His idea of fun is a little different than hers though. He stands up and shows Guliana a pocket watch. She watches it swing back and forth, and slowly slips into a trance. Guliana stares mindlessly ahead, ready to serve and obey her master. She is forced to change into sexy lingerie and do whatever she is told for the remainder of the afternoon.

Full Download Details:
14 minutes, 56 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch. Her arms raise in front of her as she goes into a trance.
  • Sleepwalks through the room while repeating her mantra.
  • Stands in a trance and repeats back the commands she is given.
  • Commanded to change into her lingerie.
  • Stands in a sleepwalking pose as she is felt up.
  • While remaining in a trance, made to model her lingerie for her master.
  • Must sleepwalk back and forth in her lingerie while repeating "I have to do as I am told".
  • Made to strip naked and kneel on the bed.
  • Presents her body to be fondled as she chants her mantra.
  • Once more, sleepwalking through the room, this time while naked.
  • Dropped deeper into hypnosis when made to focus on the pocket watch. Repeats back her programming.
  • Stands nude as she is felt up by her master.
  • Sleepwalking one last time, then made to rub her hand in her master's lap as she chants "I will not remember anything".
  • Full nude.
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1920 x 1080
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