Girls Gone Hypnotized

Helping a Friend

Lilah Rose's good friend has offered to help her with her broken phone. He's able to quickly get it up and running, and has even installed a new app on it - a hypnotic spiral that helps with relaxation. He shows Lilah the spiral on her phone and she goes into a trance. She is completely hypnotized by it and he makes her believe that she is a robot. Being a robot, Lilah must obey all of her programming, and most importantly, her programmer.

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12 minutes, 00 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a spiral phone app.
  • Lilah is hypnotized into believing that she is a robot. Repeats her commands through the induction and refers to herself as a unit.
  • Responds to inputs on a remote control.
  • Walks in circles while repeating her programming.
  • Waits in standby mode and repeats back her commands.
  • Put into a salute as her body is felt up.
  • Kneels and submits before her programmer as she chants her mantra.
  • Instructed to remove her top and bra. Bare chest felt up by her programmer.
  • Walks through the room topless while chanting "this robot serves, this robot obeys".
  • Put into a salute pose and made to chant her mantra. Slowly comes out of her trance and is amazed to see what she is doing.
  • Shown the spiral and put back under hypnosis.
  • Simulated blowjob scene (no real sex, no male nudity).
  • Topless nudity.
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Helping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a FriendHelping a Friend

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